Something About Nothing

by American Existentialism

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Clarence Garcia
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Clarence Garcia I love everything about this album. The music sounds so honest and very raw in the best possible way. At first I wasn't fan of the vocals but it got me hooked quite easily. The production is also without a doubt superb. I wish more bands come up with albums of this caliber.

Also, epic viola. Favorite track: Spring Break 08'.
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Spring Break 08' has a clip form the movie Terri. Naturally we do not own that. So props to them for making an amazing movie.

This was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Attic Suite Studios by the ever so awesome Nathan Gass.


released June 26, 2014



all rights reserved


American Existentialism Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Loose Screws and Gamecubes
Sleepless summer nights spent tending to her wounded heart and mind.
Swapping skin with friends, her oceans swelling letting a few sharks swim.

But you crawl through my mind asking if I am fine, and I reply.

Suns dance. Moons Hide.
Ignoring the concept of time.
Daylight comes singing swan songs of love.
At the sight of my shadow I knew we were done

Lust and love were never enough, and fate has a funny way of giving up.

Fake red hair.

You're sharing sins with new skin and I'm slowly getting used to it.
Seems like the signs of settling in seem to be settling in.

But the truth is, I miss those god damn cat eyes that got complemented every time.

Age has a way of making you change.
Growing older while forgetting my name.
And I'll eventually fade
Into a distant memory.
Track Name: Everythings About the Rain
Father, Son, and Mother Love.

Existentially or habitually suffering from mundane things.
Like paper cuts causing my blood to rust only to be swept under the rug.

Quelle drole de vie and does it mean anything?
Or am I just a plain old wolf howling about the ordinary?

Answer me, someone pleas.

Yahew and patron saints are yelling about my mistakes,
how I'm a no good son with swollen lungs fading with the setting sun waiting patiently to combust.
Track Name: C'est Le Vie Sensui
I feel my body growing numb but my bones just sit and play dumb dancing with my skeletons
Congratulations another year spent under the sun waiting for this to be said and done
Is this really what I want?

The devil isn’t red he just hides in your skin feeding off all of your accomplishments whiles singing swan songs about friendship.

The family tree is losing its leaves and I know it’s unsettling but that’s just how life works.
I got my mom, I got my dad, even though they’re both sad
They worry about me to death and I think that’s fine

Have you ever wanted to drive your car off the road?
Laugh as the tank explodes
I’m tired and selfish and all of us know this
But why isn’t that fine?
I guess the coward’s way out never eases the mind.

Grant get those demons out your head the ones that are telling you’re better off dead you’ve got a long life to live.
And while killing yourself seems the right thing just think what your mom would think

I know you miss so much

I miss so much

The cowards way out never eases the mind ignore the demons in your head you will live.
Yea you will live. Yea I’ll live.
Track Name: Spring Break 08'
Tiny invisible balloons
Hanging around my neck screaming, “Get well soon!”
While anxious and short of breathing
I dream of stars sleeping/ away the day to ignore the pain
That creates these barren landscapes of my brain

Everything I touch turns to shattered glass,
Collections of cuts bleeding out the past
Slowly they drain in the sink and then fade
Washing all the fake red hair memories I wish would stay.

Life’s unfair, oh I know.

I’ll be fine, I swear.
As long as I, learn not to care.